What’s with “Bright Coconut”?

I’ve always felt that building websites is less about the one’s and zero’s of the digital end result, and more about the people I’m partnering with. As someone inspired by people with dynamic visions and big dreams, I wanted to work with people who had a purpose, a message. A raison d’être.

Bright Coconut logoBecause of that, I didn’t want to just name my company something generic or meaningless like “ABC Web Design” or “Adam’s Websites” – I wanted the name to evoke a certain feeling, much like the purpose-fueled missions of my clients.

In much the same way that “Starbucks” chose a name that “evokes the romance of the high seas and the seafaring tradition of the early coffee traders,” I wanted my company to evoke two specific feelings:

  1. Intelligent, smart, and lively – which describes my favorite types of clients, and
  2. Relaxed, calm, and easy-going – which describes the ideal state of my brain on a good day, and the way I prefer to work.

Add to this my love of the tropics and a mild (not really) obsession with coconut — in addition to being an amazingly heathy food that tastes delicious, it also invokes wonderful memories of a childhood trip to Hawai’i — the tropical vibe jumped into my brain and Bright Coconut was born.

About Adam

Adam KayceI’m Adam Kayce, and I’m the man inside Bright Coconut. Born in San Diego, I wandered around the country for a good fifteen years trying to find my spot. I now live in Austin, Texas, with my two daughters (who are growing up way too fast), and have no plans to move anytime soon.

I’m a huge believer in the power of story, and in addition to my design work, I’m working on my first series of novels. (More on those soon.)

In the name of sanity, I’m minimizing my time on Facebook (and I’ve totally dropped the rest of social media), but I do love to connect with fellow coconuts, so feel free to say hello.

I’m a fan of storytelling, coffee, and minimalism, both in design and in my approach to life. I like to cook, eat keto, read fiction (fantasy novels are my “mental escape pod”), and I gave up wondering where my hair went a long time ago.