Adam KayceBright Coconut started as a one-man WordPress shop. It still is, in fact.

Adam Kayce is the man behind Bright Coconut. Born in San Diego, he wandered around the country for a while, picking up great friends along the way, and lives in Austin, Texas, with his two daughters (who are growing up way too fast).

He’s trying to get off of Facebook (somewhat unsuccessfully) and barely ever tweets, since he spends way too much time behind the computer as it is.

He works on a Mac, prefers Chrome, and uses WordPress, Sublime Text 2, Transmit, Pixelmator, and Starbucks’ Komodo Dragon blend single-origin organic coffee from Third Coast Coffee right here in Austin, bulletproof-style.

Adam is a fan of minimalism, both in design and in his approach to life. He plays ukulele, eats (mostly) paleo, reads fiction, loves epic samurai and foreign movies, and wonders where his hair went.