Every project begins in a different place.

You might need a brand new site, or you may be redesigning a current site. And depending on how much you’ve budgeted for your project and “how much site” you have in mind, I have a solution for you. Now, we just have to find it.

Services Available

WordPress Installation & Hardening

Not content with one-click installs, I hand-install every instance of WordPress and add security measures, necessary plugins, and custom settings.

Custom Theme Design

Starting with the solid foundation of the Genesis framework, and customizing to meet your needs and preferences.

Mobile-Friendly Responsive Design

Your website will retain its look and feel as it adapts to whatever device it’s viewed on, from desktop to handheld.

Premium Typography

Typography is the number-one stage setter for your site’s tone, look, feel, voice… need I go on?


One of the greatest challenges for most people creating their website is crafting solid, readable, engaging copy. Put my degree in writing to work, please!

Social Media Integration

It’s a social world, and your site should make it easy for people to find you on all the channels you use, and share your business with all their friends.

Maintenance and Updates

Having a site that’s not continually updated leaves the door open to hackers and spammers. I can keep your site updated and optimized for you with a Bright Coconut Membership, so you can focus on what’s important: your business.


Sometimes sites crash, despite all preparation and the best of intentions. Will you be ready if/when yours does? With a Bright Coconut Membership, you will be.

WordPress Tutorials

What good is your new sexy site if you don’t know how to use it? How about a library of tutorial videos inside your site to show you how to do anything you want? Cool, huh? Ah, the benefits of Membership.

Customization Discount

As a Bright Coconut Member, you’ll enjoy 20% off my going hourly rate for customization work. (Many of my clients keep their Membership active for this perk alone.)

How do I know what I need?

It’s where your budget, your needs and your wants converge.

venn diagram

And because each client, each project, and each site is unique, the best way to find that sweet spot is to flesh out your project together, keeping your budget in mind, and make sure you’re getting everything you need, and not wasting time with stuff you don’t.

Here’s how most projects work:

  • You get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of this page.
  • You and I have a chat to see if what I do matches with what you need and what you can afford.
  • If it’s a ‘yes’ all-around, we start Discovery Week.

What’s Discovery Week?

Discovery Week is a calendar week (7 days) wherein we talk, email, brainstorm, and define the scope of your project. This leads us to a plan that includes a clear understanding of the breadth of your project, an approximate cost (based on a package and an estimate of any additional customization work you might need) and a launch date.

Discovery Week has a stand-alone cost of $100.

Can you estimate my project cost before Discovery Week?

Precisely? No – that’s why we do Discovery Week. However… we’ll start from one of three clearly defined packages, each of which has a set duration and cost, and then add on to that, if necessary.

First, where are you starting from?

Starting From Scratch?
DIYer, but need a hand getting started?
Take a look at the Aloha.
Need a Designer's Help, Want a Designer's Input?
Take a look at the Lu’au.
Have an Existing Site?
Time for a Redesign?
Same Size, New Look?
Take a look at the Lu’au.
Time for The Big One?
Take a look at the Kahuna.
Just need some tweaks?
What you need is Customization.
Need help staying on top of things?
What you need is a Membership.

Package Descriptions

The Kahuna

One Month

The Kahuna is the top-of-the-line, all the bells-and-whistles package, designed for those of you who desire a custom site from start to finish. If you have a site in need of a complete overhaul, a face-lift, and a pixel-perfect attention to details that make you go, “whoo!” then the Kahuna just may be your cup of tea.

The Kahuna lasts one month. In that month, we’ll create a completely custom, feature-rich site that represents your vision, helps you engage effectively with your audience, and expresses your brand to a T.

The Lu’au

One Week

The Lu’au blends the custom with the already-ready to give you a unique site without a draining budget. While it won’t go to the same lengths of customization as a Kahuna would, it does include standard features such as premium typography, custom color profiles, and all the plugins and features (newsletter signups, social media integrations, etc.) you need.

The Lu’au takes one week, and is perfect for people who need a site without overwhelming technical needs, and yet need professional help to execute their site dreams. In your Lu’au week, we’ll get your content in and styled, the design customized to your liking, and have all the functionality you need ready to roll.

(95% of people tend to go with the Lu’au, and most are either ready to go at the end of their week, or just need a little more tweaking to launch, depending on how much content they have to create. Just so’s you knows.)

The Aloha

One Day

The Aloha starts you off with a hand-installation of WordPress, a solid premium theme and all the plugins you’ll need to run a straightforward site for your business. I’ll also set up your blank pages and navigation for you, so you just need to drop in your content, and you’ll be off and running.

The rest of the day’s work will entail the ground we’ve covered in Discovery Week, adding the features and as much custom work as can be done (we’ll have had discussions about this during Discovery Week, so we’ll both know how much is possible, what’s priority, etc.).

The Aloha is meant for people who are comfortable with a more DIY approach, are generally familiar with websites and/or blogs, and need help getting started on the right foot with the best of preparations. And because the Aloha is such a streamlined approach to building your website, your site can be ready in one day.

Starting package costs: Kahuna: $5000 | Lu’au: $2000 | Aloha: $1000

A note on customization: If your project needs more than what’s possible to accomplish in its normal time frame, no biggie – it becomes a “plus” — the package itself, plus a little customization. Customization happens on an hourly basis (no minimum time increments, though), and is described more below.


Available with any package, the Bright Coconut Membership gives you:

  • Tutorial videos accessible from within your website to help you learn everything you need about your WordPress site, adding/editing content, you name it.
  • Worry-free maintenance and backups. I’ll keep your WordPress core, theme and plugins up to date, as well as handle off-site backups so you don’t have to worry in case things go weird.
  • A 20% discount on any customization work you may need beyond the scope of your project. And since a website continues to evolve as you and your business do, little tweaks here and there are inevitable.

Bright Coconut Membership costs $20/month.


I’m available on a limited basis for customization work. Current clients get priority, Members receive a 20% discount, and I only work with WordPress. My current rate is $125/hour. If you’re interested in some customization work, get in touch using the form below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


What if we get to end of our time, and the site's not done?

To be honest, I’ve yet to have a project where I haven’t completed the work I need to do by the launch date.

By choosing a launch date for your project and establishing milestones along the way, meeting your deadlines shouldn’t be an issue. That said…

I know that life can creep in, and sometimes it takes longer than you may think to create all of your content or get all of your ducks in a row. If that should happen, then once we pass our launch date, we move to a “customization basis” where all work happens at your hourly rate. I’m happy to estimate how much it’ll take to complete the site and any last bits you may want to add, of course.

(Part of the magic of having a deadline is the positive pressure of the time constraint. Deadlines make us all do our best work, and holding us both accountable is how we’re going to get our best work done, which is why I’m such a fan of using them.)

Can I put a project on hold if I get crazy busy?
Sorry, but unless there are wildly extenuating circumstances, once the party train leaves the station, it doesn’t stop. So it’s good to be sure you can give enough time to your package once it begins. (See the previous answer about deadlines for more.)
Do you do site redesigns?

Absolutely. In fact, I really enjoy redesigns. Call me strange (just don’t call me Shirley).

If you’re a new client, then a redesign is basically a new site, and follows the path of the Packages listed above.

If you’re a previous Bright Coconut client, then you’ve gone through the Package process already, and so your redesign project will cost $495 + customization. Call it a family discount. 😉

Can I use a psd/design from a different designer and have you code it into WordPress?
Do you do e-commerce sites?
I sure have. E-commerce sites, even simple ones, can involve a lot of extra complexity, including potentially beefy hosting, SSL certificates, and fun stuff like that, so we’ll cover all of your options during your Discovery Week so you can choose how you want to go about it.
Can I use custom graphics from a different designer in my site?
Sure. I’ll either add them for you, or show you how, depending on which you prefer.
Do you do responsive design?
Absolutely. Having your site look good on any device, from desktop to tablet to a phone, is crucial in this day and age.
Do you do hosting?
I don’t, but I have a number of solid hosts I can recommend, depending on your needs. And once you choose a host, I’ll handle all the setup details.
Can you make me a logo?
If you want something text-based, then I can hook you up. If you want something unique drawn for you, you’ll probably want to talk to a logo designer, and I know a few good ones I can recommend.
How does the whole Membership thing work?
It’s $20/month, and you can remain a member as long as you want and enjoy the tutorial videos, updates, backups, and customization discount. When you want to cancel a membership, just let me know, and you’re done. Easy.
What's it like working with you?

Most people say I’m a pretty laid back guy, and I’ve had a lot of clients tell me I “make it relaxed and easy”, which I’ll take as a huge compliment.

I’ll tell you up front: I don’t work weekends, I don’t do contracts, and I don’t respond well to not hearing from you for months and then getting an “I NEED THIS ASAP” email. (Actually, I respond just fine – just not any faster, either. And if you’re not a client yet, ASAP’s just give me the chuckles. I put my clients first.) After all, we’re all people here, and let’s be honest – love makes the world go ’round.

Simply put, I’m a pretty easy going guy who’s devoted to his clients, especially to my cool clients. I believe respect goes a long way in all directions, as does a clean website that honors its readers and delivers good stuff to them. So if that sounds like the kind of deal you’re looking for, then let’s chat.

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