Website WOD 011: Images

With the images:words ratio being what it is, using images in your content is something you should probably be paying attention to. In this video, we’ll look at finding, editing, and placing images for the best effect.

One thing I didn’t mention in the video, about searching on Flickr… when you do a search, it gives you three options to filter the results by:

  • Relevant – pics that match closest to your search terms
  • Recent – self-explanatory
  • Interesting – related to your terms, but somehow a bit “out there”, too…

You can guess which one I prefer.

Update: I just came across this post which goes into nice detail about each of the Creative Commons’ licenses, as well as reiterates just about everything I’ve mentioned here about finding images on Flickr.

Update: Pixlr has created an “express” version that takes the cake… check it out: